The family of a Kentucky teenager who was shot and killed by a deputy last year after he hopped on the hood of her car, claiming she had been trying to run him over, filed a federal civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit last week, five months after a grand jury cleared the deputy of any wrongdoing.

On April, 26 2014, Samantha Ramsey, 19 was shot and killed by Boone County Deputy Tyler Brockman, while attempting to leave a field party in the northern Kentucky county. Part of the incident was captured on Brockman’s dash cam video, which is posted below.

The suit, filed Thursday, alleges Brockman attacked Ramsey without probable cause on foot while she was attempting to drive away, jumping on to the hood of her car and firing four shots through the windshield, killing Ramsey and traumatizing her three passengers.

The suit goes on to claim that Brockman had benzodiazepines, an anti- anxiety medication, in his system while on duty and using a deadly weapon.

According to reports, Brockman has a history of drug problems including admitted sales of prescription drugs in 2006 as well as admitted illegal drug use.

Finally, the suit claims that Helmig and his department conducted an internal ¬†investigation into Ramsey’s death meant to absolve Brockman and avoid discovering the truth.

Documents related to the investigation¬†into Ramsey’s death were released after the grand jury announced its decision not to indict Brockman last November.

The suit’s allegations paint a drastically different picture then the story that appears in the official police report as well as Brockman’s three page statement.

The report states that Ramsey ran over Brockman’s foot prior to the shooting and that her blood alcohol level was .120 percent, six times over the legal limit for underage individuals.

The report also states Ramsey has traces of marijuana in her system.

Brockman claims he attempted to stop Ramsey to determine if she was impaired.

The lawsuit is calling for a jury trial as well as restitution for damages, although no specific dollar amount has been given.