Baltimore PD is angry at Joe Crystal because it’s “blood in, blood out” when a good cop testifies against a dirty cop for police brutality.

Joe Crystal knows better than anyone about the Blue Line of Silence which Baltimore PD is trying to erect around the death of Freddie Gray.

He moved to another state to escape Baltimore’s vengeful cops.

Earlier this year, PINAC’s Andrew Meyer told the story why Joe Crystal had to leave town after Baltimore PD retaliated against him for telling the truth.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts swore that they’d ensure Joe’s safety in a local TV interview, but Baltimore PD’s Internal Affairs department refused to take a statement, so the case went nowhere.

This in depth interview with Joe about Freddie Gray’s death in a paddy wagon, illustrates the kind of “gang mentality” and lack of integrity which is causing a toxic police culture in Baltimore PD.