An Arizona cop is being hailed as a hero despite defying orders to contain his aggression against an armed suspect walking down the street shooting a gun into the air.

Dash cam videos released by the Marana Police Department show one unidentified officer following suspect Mario Valencia, telling other officers to “stand off,” meaning to stay back.

But Marana police officer Michael Rapiejko decided to take matters into his own hands, stepping on the accelerator and zooming his patrol car to slam into Valencia, who went flying onto the hood of the car before smashing against the windshield.

Marana Police Lt. Tim Brunenkant said that Rapiejko was only trying to save Valencia’s life because he had been threatening suicide.

But that is just the Police PR Spin Machine talking.

While Marana police were happy to provide all the details in the case, especially the multiple allegations against Valencia as to how he went on a crime spree that afternoon, they have yet to release the name of the officer who was telling the other officers to hold back.

And the reason for that is likely that he is a superior officer, which would reveal that Rabiejko deliberately defied his orders when he decided to ram into Valencia.

Valencia spent two days in a hospital before he was jailed on 15 charges, ranging from robbery to arson.

Rabiejko’s actions, of course, have already been determined to be justified. And the national media is having a field day showing the video to its viewers.

And perhaps Rapiejko did Arizona a favor by stopping Valencia in his crime spree.

But he also showed a complete disregard for following orders, preferring to take the law into his own hands, which seems to be the norm with officers these days.