Chicago police first claimed a teenager lunged at them with a knife, which is why one officer shot him 16 times last October.

They also claimed Laquan McDonald had a “100 yard stare,” which made them fear for their lives.

But then witnesses started coming forward, stating that the 17-year-old was walking away from police officers when one of them opened fire.

They also said that the officer continued firing into McDonald’s body after he had gone down from the first shot.

The incident was captured on a police car dash cam, but police have refused to release it.

Nevertheless, the video must very egregious because the city is in the process of dishing out $5 million to the teen’s family, an extremely expedient settlement considering it’s been less than six months since the shooting.

The video has also drawn the attention of the FBI who have launched an investigation into the shooting.

However, the name of the officer who shot the teen has yet to be released.

But Chicago police assure the public that he has been stripped of his gun and is working desk duty “pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The incident took place on October 20 when police say they were responding to a 911 call of somebody trying to break into cars.

They say when they pulled up, they spotted McDonald wielding a knife, but he refused to drop it after they ordered him to do so.

The teen then continued walking with one officer following on foot and another following in a car. The officer in the car pulled in front of the teen in an attempt to box him in, but police say the teen punctured a tire with the knife.

More patrol cars pulled up and had him surrounded, which was when one of them opened fire.

Not only did witness statements contradict police reports, it was also questionable why none of the other five police officers surrounding the teen opened fire had he truly lunged at them with a knife.

The family originally asked for $16 million, but they agreed to a $5 million settlement, which has already been approved by a city attorney and the city council finance committee. The settlement is expected to be approved by the city council on Wednesday.

The city council is also expected to approve a reparations package for victims of former Chicago Police Commander John Burge, who ran a torture ring against suspects for decades. Burge, who spent less than four years in prison, still receives a pension from the police department.

Several of his victims spent decades behind bars on false allegations.