I live in Seattle and try to keep up with current events that affect the town or surrounding areas. The Super Bowl was a major event for the people here.

Of course, everyone is talking about the stupid play and the amazing catch, that is to be expected.

What really stands out to me is the rage that spectators or fans have about the decision to run the ball and calling for immediate firing of the coaching staff. They are really pissed and want action taken swiftly and with no grace.

Last week in Seattle we also saw not one, but two egregious actions revealed on video by a Seattle PD officers in PINAC News, as we have seen many other times in the past.

In July of 2014, Seattle PD Officer Whitlach went out of her way to deprive an elderly man of a golf club he used as a walking stick, and then fabricated a story in her official police report about him “swinging” it at her.  If not for a local politician’s intervention, an innocent Air Force veteran would’ve been forced to serve two years probation in addition to the indignity of a false arrest and night in jail.

In a separate incident, an unidentified female Seattle PD Officer pepper sprayed a random guy who was walking by on his cell phone during a Martin Luther King Day march!

These two Seattle police officers were really out of hand, yet, similar rage and calls for immediate termination were nowhere near the reaction people had to a football game.

When we demand more accountability from a sporting team than we do of our public officials, it makes me wonder what kind of country really we live in.

Written by Scott Shimek of PINAC News