Now that New York City police officers have made it clear they are no longer going to be making petty arrests, they apparently needed to find other ways to fill their shifts, including riding on the hoods of patrol cars.

Unfortunately, that left one cop seriously injured Monday morning when the patrol car he was riding on came to a sudden stop, flinging the cop to the street where he hit his head.

So much for officer safety.

The incident was captured on surveillance video and obtained by Breaking 911. It is still not clear why the cop was riding on the hood, but it looks as if the driver came to a sudden stop after spotting another NYPD patrol car parked ahead.

There was also another officer walking who turned to help the cop on the ground.

The story has been picked up by the New York Daily News, who have talked to police and have confirmed the incident took place today, but were unable to explain why the cop was riding on the hood of the car. ABC7 also did a segment on the story, which you can see below the actual surveillance video.