On the same day PINAC reporter Jeff Gray was getting his camera snatched by a Florida fire chief, another PINAC reporter was getting harassed for video recording a government-owned ferry in Washington.

One day later, Scott Shimek aka Rogue Reflections, returned to the Washington State Ferry to continue asserting his right to record in public, but ended up getting assaulted by a government official.

This time, instead of accusing him of photographing a “secure facility” as the fire chief did to Gray, he was accused of “committing a breach of security” for recording in a “secured public area.”

But if these areas were so secure, they would probably not allow people to just walk up to them.

And they probably wouldn’t have multiple video feeds posted on their website, accessible to anybody with an internet connection.

The truth is, they are funded by the public for the public. There is no legitimate reason to prevent citizens from recording these areas.

And there is especially no legitimate excuse to physically assault citizens for recording.

It is why we do these audits. To show the public the hypocrisy of the system.

After all, if we did the same to them, we would end up in handcuffs, facing criminal charges, if not outright shot to death.

Shimek, like myself, tends to get profane when physically assaulted, so keep that in mind when viewing the video. Not all of us can possess the restraint of Jeff Gray.

Shimek last month obtained video footage from his own arrest, further exposing the hypocrisy of the system because the prosecutor insisted on tacking on a charge of resisting arrest to the existing charge of obstructing, even though it’s clear from the video he did neither.

Below are three videos from his experiences at the ferry as well as a fourth video containing a video interview of Shimek, explaining why he stands up for his right to record.

The assault takes place at the 2:00 mark in the first video. The ferry official who committed the assault has been identified as Jim Nicholson.