A video making the rounds on Facebook shows a man scrapping it out with two cops for almost a minute while getting tased without being fazed in Southern California, even scoring a knockdown with a solid punch to the face as the man with the camera chants “fuck the police.”

The video abruptly ends after the knockdown punch, leaving us to wonder if the cops ended up killing him, knowing they could easily get away with it.

But no, the Hawthorne police officers, whom have proven to be aggressive and abusive of the rights of citizens to record them, were actually able to detain him without killing him, even though many commenters were cheering on for the cops to do just that.

These cops demonstrated¬†that even a knockout by a misbehaving citizen, doesn’t merit the death penalty

But the fact that they were able to apprehend him without killing him earns these pair of cops a spot in PINAC’s lonely “Good Cops” category.

Especially during a time when there is a growing resentment against police in this country as you can hear the guy with the camera mention.

Below is their press release and below that is the video.



UPDATE: Another video surfaced showing what took place after the initial video where the cops can be seen pummeling his face with his fists.