Baton Rouge cops snatched a man’s phone from him as he was recording them being aggressive with others, slamming him to the ground and repeatedly kneeing him after he was down.

Then they charged with felony battery on an officer as well as public intoxication, resisting arrest and failure to leave an area.

In their report, they claimed that Daniel Clement, 22, had jumped on an officer as they were making an arrest.

But then Clement obtained surveillance video, proving them to be liars.

Now the officers are being investigated by internal affairs, which means nothing will happen to the officers.

But at least with the surveillance video, we should expect to see the charges against him dropped.

And maybe then, they might return his phone, not that they have any legal basis to maintain possession of it anyway.

But we’ve never seen a cop get disciplined for that, so they will continue stealing people’s cameras to keep from being recorded.

The incident took place Monday in front of a theater where musical groups perform. Clement was in town from Virginia visiting a friend graduating college.

According to WAFB:

A portion of the surveillance video provided to the 9News Investigators by Clement shows him standing in front of the business. Clement, who admits he’d been drinking, is seen standing near the sidewalk along Highland Road wearing a bright red shirt. He appears to be swaying and having trouble standing. As police appear to be arresting someone nearby, Clement is seen holding his cell phone in the air, recording their actions.

“I saw a police officer push somebody and I’ve always been told if something like that is going on, it’s important to have an objective source of data for what happened,” Clement said. “So, I pulled my phone out and I started filming.”

That is when a Baton Rouge police officer is seen on surveillance video walking over to Clement and snatching his phone away.

“It got ripped from my hands and as I turned to see who ripped it, another officer slammed me into the railing outside,” Clement added.

That officer is then seen on surveillance video putting his hands around Clement’s neck and tossing him to the ground where he partially landed on top of another officer who was apprehending someone else.

“They threw me on the ground and started throwing their knees into me,” he explained.

A friend of Clement is seen on the surveillance video grabbing the arm of the officer who put his hands around Clement’s neck. That man was then quickly tackled by police and also arrested. That man said police also sprayed him with mace.

In his official report, the officer wrote that as he and other officers first arrived, they spent nearly 10 minutes trying to clear the crowd, repeatedly ordering them to leave the area. He said Clement was advised to leave and did not.

“The crowd was not moving and another officer grabbed someone next to the defendant (Clement) to arrest them,” the officer wrote.

He also wrote that Clement “jumped on that officer and began pushing that officer off of his friend.”

Clement said that is not true. The portion of the surveillance video he provided to WAFB does not appear to support the officer’s claims. Police declined to say whether any other portion of the surveillance video they have reviewed supports the officer’s version of events.

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