It didn’t take for Illinois cops to start thinking they could start arresting people for recording them thanks to the onslaught of misinformation that went viral this week, convincing much of the internet that it was once again a felony to record cops in that state.

That is not the case as we cleared up in this piece, but that still didn’t stop  a University of Illinois police officer named Elson to tell a man whom he had pulled over for loud music that it was now against the law to record cops.

In the video that was uploaded today, the man, who goes by Michael Kwan on Youtube, was also pulled over for using an electronic device while driving because he was apparently trying to take a picture, but it is not specified in the video what he was trying to photograph.

“Can I videotape this?” the man asked while recording from the driver’s seat.

“You’re being video and audio recorded right now,” Elson responded.

“I want to protect myself because I’ve done nothing wrong,” Kwan said.

“Actually, it’s against the law to record police officers in the state of Illinois now,”  Elson lied.

When Kwan didn’t buy that, Elson changed his tune.

“You can record all you want because I’m doing the exact, same thing,” he said.