New York City police officers arrested a man for recording them arresting another man, but they were unable to arrest the third person who recorded the second arrest.

Nevertheless, Dominic Johnson is now facing assault and resisting charges when the video shows he was only recording from several feet away.

Also, several witnesses confirmed Johnson was standing several feet away.

But considering the arresting officers know they will never be held personably liable, they have no qualms about making up false charges to teach the man a lesson.

According to ABC7:

It started with the arrest on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. This video was taken by Dominic Johnson. He was several feet away, and had a car between him and the arresting officers. So why does one officer go after Dominic?

“I’ll give you two seconds to back up,” you hear on the video.

The officer goes out of his way to approach Dominic.

So was Dominic interfering with the arrest?

“He wasn’t near him like that. He was videotaping, so he wasn’t near him. He had to come to Dominic for him to start something. Dominic didn’t come to him. He didn’t touch him, nothing. He came to Dominic and pushed Dominic,” Neblett said.

So what did Dominic do wrong, that had the police officer so upset?

“Had you had any physical contact with him up to that point?” Eyewitness News asked.

“None at all,” said Dominic Johnson, the alleged victim.

“Why was he coming after you?” Eyewitness News asked.

“I have no idea,” Johnson said.

“He still had his cell phone in his hand, never acted aggressively toward the officers,” said Pamela Roth, Johnson’s attorney.

Since the altercation, Dominic has been sore, and more.