Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has already signed an Executive Order, formally declaring a State of Emergency in Ferguson, Missouri in anticipation of further protest activities in the same manner as he would for Bioterrorism or Disaster.

Meanwhile, a St. Louis Grand Jury is still weighing options from a Ferguson prosecutor whether they choose to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

Wilson, who regularly violated citizen’s rights to record as shown in this recent video faces a variety of charges, or potentially none at all for killing Mike Brown.  PINAC news correspondents Taylor Hardy and Carlos Miller have reported from Ferguson.

PINAC’s Open Records Project Director Charlie Grapski has opined on the dense red tape Missouri police are claiming exempts them from releasing curcial details to the public prior to the Grand Jury’s decision.

I wonder if the St. Louis law enforcement community has learned a lesson from August’s riots in Ferguson, and leaves the military gear at home. People in Ferguson will surely take to the streets to speak out, whether Officer Wilson is indicted or not.

If criminal charges are filed against Wilson, he will still be considered innocent until the results of any impending trial, but the Officer likely faces a Civil claim by the Brown family either way.

For those of you planning to go to Ferguson, it might be wise to familiarize yourself with Missouri’s Civil Defense laws, since a State of Emergency is tantamount to martial law.

(Photo Credit: Carlos Miller, October 2014)

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