With the casualness of a certain university cop whose image went viral during the Occupy protests, a Texas cop pepper sprayed a man video recording from outside his home before moving in to arrest him.

Not much more information is available on the 11 second video posted to Youtube Monday but we do know the cop’s name is Cannon and he’s from the tiny Waller Police Department.

The following is information posted in the Youtube description:

Waller County Police’s officer Cannon maces resident and use excessive force to arrest a him for filming the police and their reaction to a crowd.

Cannon’s casual approach to using the pepper spray – which is ranked fourth in the the five-step use-of-force continuum, a final resort before using lethal force – is reminiscent of the UC Davis cop who casually pepper sprayed a group of students protesting in 2011.

John Pike became a meme sensation, causing him so much distress that he ended up receiving $38,000 in workman’s comp.

The students who were pepper sprayed ended up receiving $30,000 each.