In the typical display of arrogance and intimidation that has become the norm for cops these days, an Oxnard police officer told a man he was not allowed to video record them because they were conducting “an operation” in the parking lot of what appeared to be a busy commercial strip mall.

The operation consisted of Oxnard police and Ventura County deputies drawing up some type of plans on the hood of the car in plain view of anybody walking by.

The videographer was standing well away from the hordes of cops but was able to zoom in and see them marking up the hood.

That was when a wide-eyed, jacked-up cop walked up to him along with another cop and told him he was not welcome.

“Right now we’re in the middle of an operation and you’re not allowed to be here and be filming this,” the cop lied.

The cop became annoyed when the man did not comply within seconds, which we’ve seen can easily lead to arrest, torture or even death.

But this cop was “trying to be cool about it,” using non-physical intimidation tactics, which were nothing more than the unspoken promises of violence if he did not quickly comply.

“I told you that three times, you need to leave. Right now, you’re not on public property, this is private property and if we need to contact the business and have you remove, we can do that as well.

“I’m trying to be cool about it. I’m trying to ask you to leave nicely and it’s now the fifth time that I’ve asked you.”

In other words, the cop would resort to bullying the property owner into having the man removed, even though the parking lot was open to the public and the man was not doing anything but record cops quietly from a respectable distance.

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