A South Carolina cop was criminally charged after shooting a man for attempting to abide by his orders.

And only because the incident was caught on the officer’s dash cam.

But even then, it’s surprising that authorities would waste so little time in charging Sean Groubert for the incident that took place September 4, firing him on September 19 and charging him less than a week later.

If convicted, he can face up to 20 years in prison if convicted, which rarely happens in these cop cases.Screenshot 2014-09-25 01.08.28

The dash cam video was released Wednesday, showing Groubert pulling over a man in a gas station for a seatbelt violation.

The man, Levar Jones, had stepped out of the truck and Groubert demanded his license.  But when Jones reached back into his truck to retrieve the license, Groubert went into panic mode and fired several times, striking Jones once in the hip.

He then had the gall to blame Jones for making him fire his gun.

More details from WLTX:

In the video, Jones can be seen getting out of his car when Groubert pulled up and asked for his license. Jones reached in his car for his license and Groubert immediately shot at Jones several times.

Jones was hit by one bullet in the hip. He is recovering at home after being hospitalized for the injury.

While shooting at Jones, Groubert yelled “Get out of the car, get out of the car.”

Jones replied,”I just got my license, you said get my license.”

Groubert responded by telling Jones to get on the ground.

While on the ground Jones said, “I have my license right here, you said get my license.”

In the video Groubert can be heard asking Jones if he was hit by a bullet and went on to say, “Bro, you dove head first back into your car.”

And from WISTV:

According to an arrest warrant, “[Groubert] did without justification unlawfully shoot Jones which produced great bodily injury or was likely to cause great bodily injury.”

The warrant goes on to say “audio and visual video recordings, as well as written statements, obtained further evidence to indicate the shooting incident without justification.”

Jones, who was shot in the hip, is out of the hospital and has told WIS he is recovering and hopes what happened to him can make a change throughout the country.

According to documents obtained by WIS, Groubert was involved in another shooting in 2012 and has had two complaints filed against him.

According to the State Law Enforcement Division, the felony Groubert is charged with carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison if convicted.