In a video post titled “This ain’t the first time,” Greensboro, North Carolina resident Devin Scales was recording the aftermath of an arrest when two officers showed up. One of the arriving officers immediately grabbed Scales’ camera, ending the recording.

Scales had just witnessed an arrest similar to Michael Brown’s, where the man being arrested was being confronted simply for walking down the street.

The arresting officer can be heard on video saying, “You can not run your mouth and start cursing in the middle of the street.”

As Scales wrote, “all this for walking down the street,” – in a place with no sidewalk no less, and right outside the arrested man’s house.

The arresting officer called for backup – most likely because Scales was recording him – as he held the arrested man face down on the grass for some reason.

When backup arrived, one officer ordered Scales to “Get back” while the other grabbed at Scales’ camera as if it were a weapon. It would be interesting to hear what the officer who assaulted Scales says about his actions in court if he’s sued – the old “his camera could have been a gun” excuse is getting more ridiculous by the minute.

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