A pair of Arizona videographers are raising the ire of citizens by simply standing in public with their cameras, prompting angry people to storm up to them in a confrontational manner, saying they don’t want to be recorded, which, of course, makes them the highlight of an otherwise mundane video.

One woman pulled out of a parking lot and drove down a busy street, returning to the parking lot and accusing the men of “following” her car, which was her way of saying they panned the camera on her car as she was driving away.

But it was only until she returned, rolled the window down and started yelling at them that she became visible in the video.

Another man was walking by them with his daughter on a sidewalk, only to return when he noticed they were recording them as they walked away, so he returned and threatened to beat them up – all with the full support of a security guard witnessing it all.

Another woman with green hair attacks them, then claims she knows the law and they have no right to record her before claiming she never attacked them.

Another man claiming to be a lawyer told them they did not have the legal right to record him without his consent.

A couple of people pull out their own phones to record the men after telling them they had no right to record them.

Cops end up responding in a few of the videos, including one where they were standing outside a police station where they were asked if they were members of a cartel.

Perhaps it’s the triple digit temperatures in Phoenix, but people certainly are on edge in that  city.

The men are very nonchalant in a comical way, telling the people they are working on a documentary about Phoenix and are just recording stock footage, never revealing the subject of the documentary.

But they already have enough material for a documentary on the camera-phobic paranoids of Phoenix.

Perhaps they can join up with the Creepy Cameraman, whose voice almost sounds like one of these guys, to create a national documentary.

From there Youtube page:

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