A man who was video recording a Utah state police officer rummaging through a woman’s purse after she had wrecked her car was approached by another cop who ordered him away on the basis that he was drunk.

But the only one person who was drunk was the cop.

Drunk with power, that is, believing that merely standing there with his hands on his hips while furrowing his brow would be enough to scare the man into following an unlawful order.

However, the man was Bret Black, who is striving to be the first libertarian to be elected to the Utah House of Representatives, stating on his Facebook page that “if we don’t Stand Now! There’ll be NOTHING to stand for.”

So he made his stand, telling the cop that he wasn’t going anywhere, even if he did drink three beers at some point earlier in the day.

The cop could have done us all a favor and asked that the music be turned down, which apparently was playing from a nearby car and gives this video an annoying soundtrack.