You’re reading Photography Is Not A Crime, which probably makes you one of the growing number of people who care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The ideas behind Independence Day, when a group of British citizens committed treason against their government, are the reason a country called the United States of America exists.

For those of us living in the U.S.A., the ideas are a goal we’re working towards. Yes, the government might be arming local police with tanks fit for an army, and Congress might be 99% owned by shadow rulers pulling the strings, and every liberty named in the Bill of Rights might be under attack – BUT!  The people are waking up, we care about fixing things, and if Star Wars taught me anything, its that the good guys win in the end.

So for you, the PINAC reader taking in day after day of First Amendment fighting, remember that for every jack-booted sadist, somewhere there’s an Ericson Harrell standing up for freedom.

The independent media is the force that will bring independent-minded people together in the 21st Century. As a PINAC writer, I want to cover the positive stories as well as the grit. When you see a neighbor running for mayor to clean up the police force, or for City Council like Andrew Henderson, its my job to share that story as far as we can push it.

Photography Is Not A Crime is dedicated to helping improve law enforcement and we are now organized as a nonprofit to help you help us help you. Instead of giving all your tax dollars to Uncle Sam, you can earn a tax break with a donation to PINAC. We will continue to press for your rights, and as for myself, I will be following up on PINAC’s public records requests projects, reader police encounters, UAV photography, and law-intensive articles, to continue the progress we are making in standing up for our rights.

Happy Independence Day my friend, be happy and enjoy the fireworks. The best viewpoint is seeing things from above – like the video of those fireworks shot from a DJI Phantom.

For news tips on aerial photography and drones, contact Andrew Meyer, PINAC’s staff writer covering UAV photography, the First Amendment, and more. Follow him on twitter @theandrewmeyer.

P.S. – The best beer in the world is Shiner Bock, and with any luck you can even find it at Publix. Cheers, and May the Fourth of July be with you!