Once again, a cop tried to reach into his bag of unlawful charges to intimidate a man from video recording them hassling his friend on a crowded street in Virginia.

First the Norfolk police sergeant threatened to arrest Jeremiah Schwenk with interfering, even though the video shows the cop walked up to him, seeking to interfere with his right to record.

Then the cop accused him of blocking pedestrian traffic and causing a disturbance, even though the man had not said a word until he was approached, not to mention pedestrian traffic was flowing freely.

Finally, the jacked-up, wide-eyed cop was unable to contain his anger anymore, especially after Schwenk asked for his name and badge number (see if you can make out his name at 2:21).

He then smacked Schwenk’s camera away, ordering him to “get that light out of my face.”

Imagine doing that every time a cop shines a light in your face.

Schwenk was under the impression that cops are required by law to provide names and badge numbers, but that is usually just departmental policy.

But we’ll let Schwenk slide with that because he admits on his Youtube channel that he is still learning the laws when it comes to interacting with police.

The cop on the other hand has no excuse for making up laws on the spot.

The following interaction took place early in the video after the cop initially confronted Schwenk about recording.

“I”m making sure my friend doesn’t get his rights violated,” Schwenk said.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” the cop said.

“This is for our protection,” Schwenk said.

“I thought that is what the police were for,” the cop said, still pushing the myth.

“No, sir, the police do not protect people.”

Within three minutes, the cop proved him right.

Call Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith at (757) 664-3277.

Or leave a comment on their Facebook page.

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UPDATE: Judging by the following comment on their Facebook page from May 2, this is not the first time that a cop tried to interfere with a citizen’s right to record them in public.


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UPDATE II: A PINAC spoke to the Norfolk Police Department today, confirming the officer’s name as Peele, stating that the officer is assigned to the Homeland Security Division, which means he gets paid with federal tax dollars to violate citizens’ rights.

The department also stated that Peele is now being investigated by internal affairs, which usually means they will ignore the incident until everybody else forgets about it.