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I was hoping to make this announcement weeks ago, but writing the executive summary proved to be extremely challenging because it required me to place the vision that has been growing in my mind over the last several years on as few pages as possible in order to keep it as focused as possible.

So I’m not going to elaborate very much on this post except to say we have put a lot of thought and discussion into this and are confident we can meet our goals as outlined in the executive summary, which you can read here.

We essentially incorporated into a state nonprofit and will be applying for 501 (c) (3) status, but in the meantime, we have obtained a fiscal sponsor who will be eligible to receive tax-deductible donations on our behalf.

The fiscal sponsor is Life is Art, Inc., a Miami-based nonprofit that organizes and promotes cultural events in Miami, and has been a longtime supporter of Photography is Not a Crime.

We hope to raise a million dollars within the first month to get started, which will go towards the rebuilding and redesigning of the site as well as the hiring of new writers and editors and salaries for our existing team members. He are hoping to achieve a $5 million annual budget for the first year or two.

Our plans are ambitious but obtainable. And we will always ensure transparency as we will be seeking the same from the government.

Our tagline is Be the Media. 

Our mission statement is Little Brother Watching Big Brother.

And our first overall goal is PINAC 2015, the ambitious plan I have detailed in the executive summary that we hope to have in full swing by New Year’s Day.

Donations of at least $150 will receive a signed copy of my book, the Citizen Journalist’s Photography Handbook.

Feel free to ask questions below.

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