Despite all their “police intelligence,” cops can’t seem to grasp the concept that more and more Americans are pulling out their cameras to record them as a way to assert their First Amendment right to do so.

Anybody who watches these videos on Youtube can figure it out, but cops still feel compelled to pepper citizens with questions, demanding identification and basically treating them as if they are up to no good.

As if criminals with ill-intent will make themselves so obvious.

In this video, police in Arvada, Colorado spotted a man recording their police station from a sidewalk, so naturally they had to harass him.

But the man, whose Youtube username is John Smith and who describes himself as a “fat, middle-aged bald guy,” managed to handle the interaction by not answering any questions, but also keeping his cool, which is important to do when you are dealing with cops who are just seeking any excuse to escalate the situation where they can beat and arrest you, and maybe even kill you.

That’s pretty evident with many of these videos, which shatters the myth that cops are trained to deescalate situations.