Once again, a cop’s fear for his life led him to believe he was justified in physically injuring a man, even though the man was already reeling from an automobile accident that left the car on its side.

The incident took place in Chico, California June 10 after Joseph Rosales, 64, crashed his SUV into a building. Rosales said his dog hopped into his lap, causing him to lose control of his car.

Somebody called 911 as several citizens rushed up to help. At least two people pulled out their cameras to record.

Chico police officer David Bailey arrived on the scene to save the day, ordering Rosales to climb out of the car.

“Get out of the car now!” Bailey yelled.

But Rosales was concerned about his dog.  He also suggested that perhaps he could crawl out the back if somebody would open the trunk.

But Bailey was concerned that the building was about to collapse on him.

“I don’t want to be killed because you’re getting your dog,” he shouted.

But Rosales was still shaken and at his age, not very spry where he could just lift himself out of the car.

So Bailey grabbed Rosales’ wrist and twisted it behind his back, ordering Rosales out of the car as if that would make it any easier.

“I can’t,” Rosales pleaded as he howled in pain.

Bailey eventually was able to assist him out of the vehicle, leaving him able to claim hero status.

But Rosales was upset at how Bailey had twisted his arm and now plans to sue, according to KRCR.

The status of the dog is not known.

Bailey claimed Rosales was “combative,” which is cop talk for not heeding every command within seconds. The video has been edited, so we’re not seeing the entire interaction.

Perhaps Bailey meant well, but he took the usual police route of inflicting pain in the name of “safety,” which is something that only makes sense to them.