Salinas police killed a man earlier today, claiming to the local media that they were in fear for their lives after he had waved a pair of garden shearers in their direction, indicating he was going to shred them to pieces.

But then a witness posted a video online, contradicting those claims, showing the man trying to walk away from the cops as they move in on him barking orders with their guns drawn.

Read the statement below and view the video above and tell me what you think.

According to the Californian:

Attempts at hailing the man in English and Spanish were unsuccessful, Maiorana said. Officers then unsuccessfully deployed a Taser as the man began waving the gardening shears in the air, he said.

“This individual pulled the gardening shears and actually attempted to attack the officers with the gardening shears,” Maiorana said. “In response, the officers, fearing for their personal safety, shot this individual, and this individual is now deceased.”

Both officers involved fired and will be placed on paid administrative leave, per policy, Maiorana said. He wouldn’t identify the officers except to say both are veterans of the force with “many, many years” under their belts.

Investigators are currently poring over video evidence and witness statements, Maiorana said. The video evidence will most likely not be publicized, he added.

According to KION:

Officers told Central Coast News they told the man to drop the shears in both English and Spanish, and that he refused to comply and began waving them around. They say officers attempted to use a stun gun but it was not effective.

Officers claim the man lunged at them with the sheers and they fired their guns, fatally wounding him.

According to Fox 35:

The Salinas Police Department is dealing with another officer involved fatal shooting.  This time, the shooting involved two officers who shot and killed a man who reportedly lunged at them with gardening shears.

And the Monterey Herald News:

Police said a resident told them a man carrying a pair of “scissors” appeared to be trying to break into her house and was attacking her dog. Police found the man carrying hedge clippers and acting erratically. Officers said the man came at them and, fearing for their safety and the safety of others, they shot him.

This is the second questionable shooting by Salinas police in just over a week.

The last shooting sounded a lot like this one. At least the way police explain it.

A witness told KSBW that Hernandez was intoxicated and had walked to the shopping center from a nearby bar, Bar Rio.

When police arrived and Hernandez refused to drop the knife, police shot him with a Taser.

Despite being Tased, and while officers were trying to put the man in handcuffs, police said Hernandez was able to pull a large knife out of his pants and attempted to slash officers.

The two officers shot Hernandez multiple times and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

One witness told KSBW that Hernandez was on the ground and stunned from the Taser when police shot him at least four times.

The manager of Bar Rio, Delia Luevano, said Hernandez worked as a lettuce field worker and had a knife with him because he needed it for cutting lettuce.

“Everything the police said I don’t think it right,” Luevano said. “He was a real nice person, no problems. The police shot him after he was on the floor.”

Police, on the other hand, said the officers felt like their lives were in danger.

UPDATE: Below is a full-version of the shooting video, which miraculously was not confiscated after the girls started yelling at the cops, accusing them of murder.