The video starts off with two Green Bay cops arresting a man in a bar during closing time Friday night.

Another man is standing close, questioning the cops as to why his friend is getting arrested, prompting one officer to shove him away.

“Fuck you!” the man responds as he backs off. “Fuck you!”

The words, which are protected by the First Amendment, sent the cop into a rage where he stormed up to the man, shoved him out of the bar and into the street; slamming him onto the hood of a car before throwing him down onto the pavement, punching him hard in the face at least twice.

Another cop walks up and pushes his palm into the camera lens, ordering the videographer to “back off” as a gathering crowd expresses shock and outrage at the beating.

Within seconds, four cops are piled on top of the man as if he had been out of control.

But the only person who was out of control was Derek Wicklund, who happens to sit on the board of directors of the Green Bay Police Benevolent and Protective Association, which proclaims to “promote charity and good will within the community.”

But they only say that because they’re asking for money.

Call Green Bay Police Chief Thomas Molitor at 920-448-3234 or email him at go through this list of contact numbers if he can’t be accessed.


Witnesses tell FOX 11 the incident started after a person was arrested for bringing a drink out of a bar.

They say three people were arrested, one for the open intoxicant. It’s unclear what the second person was arrested for. The third person arrested is the one you see taken down in the video.

The video was turned in to police on Sunday.

So far two witnesses have told FOX 11 they have gone to Green Bay police with concerns. They want the department to review the video and determine if the officer’s actions were appropriate.

“I can see how my friend got charged with disorderly conduct, but I think the resisting arrest part of it was a little bit, I don’t see where that happened,” said Joe Davidson of Green Bay. “I think the force was excessive.”