A Pennsylvania state police officer along with a fire chief ordered a man to turn off his camera, informing him that it was illegal to record a crash investigation after they walked onto his parent’s property in an intimidating manner.

Fearing for his safety, Mike Bosmay complied with their orders even though he knew they were wrong.

He said he had no plans to share the video of police testing a man’s sobriety after he crashed his car into a telephone pole but the fact they violated his Constitutional rights prompted him to upload the video to Youtube.

The video shows a man wearing a Pennsylvania State Police hoodie walk up to him, trying to snag his phone, telling him he was not allowed to record, followed by South Greensburg Fire Chief Eric Hardy who also told him he was not allowed to record.

This is not the first time a Pennsylvania fire chief impeded on the rights of citizens to record in public.

The state cop is probably from the Greensburg Headquarters. Trooper Stephen Limani, the station’s community services officer, can be reached at (724) 832-485.

The non-emergency number to the South Greensburg Fire Department is (724) 834-5470. Chief Hardy can be reached by email through here.

UPDATE: After sending me the video and ensuring he has no problem with me using his name, Bosmay then was upset that I included the phone numbers, pleading with me to take them down, fearing they would retaliate.

I told him I wouldn’t as I do that with all my stories. These are publicly listed numbers after all.

So then he made the video private.

Please, people, don’t waste my fucking time sending me videos if you’re going to act like this.