Seven Border Patrol agents stormed into a man’s house without a warrant after midnight Tuesday morning, demanding he turn over cell phone video he had recorded Monday afternoon of an agent repeatedly punching a man laying facedown on the ground.

The man is a fourth waiver parolee, meaning authorities can search him or his home without a warrant whenever they please.

In this case, they didn’t even need reasonable suspicion that he had committed a crime. All they needed to do was claim they needed it as evidence.

But the man was able to download a clip of the video before they snatched it, so he handed it over to a local television station who aired it Wednesday and can be viewed in the above video.

According to ABC 10:

The man said hours after the incident, seven agents showed up at his house in Escondido just after midnight Tuesday.

According to him, the agents demanded he turn over his cell phone. He said he was able to transfer one file before the cell phone was taken, which is how he was able to share the video with 10News. He said he also shot another clip that shows what happened in the moments prior to what we see.

“Without a warrant, they just came into my house and searched everything, they took my phone from me, they told me I wasn’t supposed to have that evidence,” he said.

The man admits he is a fourth waiver parolee – which means that law enforcement does not have to present a warrant to search his home – but he still thinks agents acted inappropriately.

“They threatened me that if I were to make contact with the kid that got away, I could do federal time, jail,” he said.