Right to Record panel

Broward Sheriff’s Attorney Ron Gunzburger berates me for not mentioning “the good cops” when discussing the “bad cops.” Photo by Bill Wisser.

Less than 24 hours after an attorney from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office sat on a panel and assured us that his agency has been thoroughly trained in how to respect the rights of citizens to record in public, two deputies confronted PINAC’s Jeff Gray about him recording a detention facility from across the street.

Apparently, those deputies did not get the memo that Ron Gunzburger kept waving at the panel or more specifically, the training guide he said they introduced last year to ensure deputies are aware that citizens are allowed to record in public.

“I woke up the next morning after the panel and decided to test what the general counsel claimed,” Gray said.

“I typed in ‘Broward Sheriff’s Office” into Google, came up with the address of the detention center and routed it on Google maps. I parked in a private lot across the street and stood on a public right of way. I never crossed the street onto the jail property.”

Within 20 minutes of arriving at the Paul Rein Detention Facility, two deputies pulled up with one of them telling he that “you can’t be taking pictures of the jail like that.”

Another deputy pulled up and asked a few more questions before they both decided to ask their supervisors, who apparently did receive the memo because they stopped bothering him after that.

“But then more sheriff cars pulled up and they just sat watching me as I shot video,” he said.

Guzburger, who was hired by the Broward Sheriff’s Office in January 2013, became very defensive during Saturday’s panel when I mentioned the rampant abuse of police authority we see taking place throughout the country through Youtube videos.

You can hear one of our exchanges in the video below where Gunzburger accuses me of “talking crap.”

But I think it’s obvious I wasn’t the one talking crap.

I will be posting the entire panel discussion in a couple of days, but I am still playing host to a London film crew working on a documentary about PINAC. Hopefully, we will have corrected the audio issues in the next panel video.

UPDATE AND CLARIFICATION: The event was mainly sponsored by the National Press Photographers Association. Here is the training guide.