What’s up PINAC brothers and sisters?

It’s 2014, and I think we’re all ready to see a different story from the police already. For the eighteenth time, officer, Photography Is Not a Crime. Neither is washing your own car in your driveway, taking your kid home from school or insulting a police officer. Yet all of those actions attracted police action last year, resulting in a warning, an arrest and a murder.

We need to make a change.

My name is Andrew Meyer, and I’m no stranger to police overreaction.

I questioned Senator John Kerry in 2007 because I was furious about the Democrats apparent collusion with the Republicans and the trillions they were wasting on war.dont-tase-me-bro

I was writing before, during, and after that incident about a number of problems plaguing the country, but that incident showed me how important it is that I know my rights, be able to enforce them, and help anyone else in a similar spot. As a PINAC writer, I will highlight the laws that you absolutely need to know.

After University of Florida police officers famously arrested me, an officer police wrote in his report that they chose to arrest me because of my “demeanor and actions.” The officers also claimed I was violent, with one writing that I “continued to…push, kick, and elbow the officers.” Exactly what happened after that incident is a story you’ll soon hear.

I will say now that if I had known it’s a crime in Florida to file a false police report, or that I could sue the officers for defamation or libel, my actions following that incident would have played out differently.  But I didn’t know the law.

Crying about spilled milk is not my agenda.  I know now that everything happens for a reason, and for me, the aftermath of that incident led me to learn what our rights are, how the police are overstepping their bounds, and what we can do to change things. For me, the first change I needed to make was internal.

After the media spotlight of the “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” incident, I stepped back to untangle the knots in my own life. Six years later, I have a law degree and a perspective on the police I never would have expected.

Andrew Meyer and Carlos MillerWhen it comes to the cops, or any other area of our lives, we are the ultimate issue and solution. The law enforcement we get is a direct result of our own actions and inactions, and we can work to change the situation.

I’ve met police officers like Ericson Harrell that you would be proud to shake hands with, and also witnessed the despicable stories of criminal thugs masquerading in police uniforms. I will do my best to bring attention to the stories of routine police brutality, police immunity to justice, school police abusing kids, S.WA.T. overkill for no reason, and police taking strange anti-citizen orders from the federal government, so that we can change the direction of law enforcement.

This year, I want to see more of the good officers on the force, but as a PINAC writer, I will expose the officers abusing their authority and the people they are sworn to serve. Together , we can get the service we want from our public servants.

This blog is building serious power, and that’s because of you. Recently, your desire for justice defeated the Boston police’s idiotic prosecution of Carlos Miller, and you have the power to do even more.

Who knows what actions your watchful eyes will spark this year, or how many people your vigilance will inspire? On my watch, I promise to bring you the most important stories – where your attention can really help – as well as ideas to help maximize your amazing passion for justice. Stay tuned for articles on freedom of speech and the ridiculousness of free speech zones, the need to classify tasers as deadly force and for officers to know when deadly force is appropriate, the story of my own personal transformation and how we can transform our anger into positive action, and much more.

I’m proud to be writing for you, and I know it’s going to be an amazing ride hearing back from you. Feel free to ask me anything. I will respond to each question.

All the best PINAC reader/activist,

Andrew Meyer