Proving he is above the law, a republican lawmaker aggressively shoved a cameraman who was asking him a question about ending the government shutdown.

Congressman Gary Miller continued walking away as if nothing had happened.

Later, when contacted by the Huffington Post, where you need to click to see the video, he had nothing to say about the assault, but had a prepared statement about the shutdown, proving that this is one politician unable to give a clear statement without the help of an aide.

“I am deeply concerned about the impact this shutdown is having on working families, veterans, and seniors in the Inland Empire. The House has continued to pass funding measures to ensure vital government functions and services can continue. But, any agreement will require both sides coming together. In all my time in Congress, I have never seen the solution to a disagreement come without both sides coming to the negotiating table,” said Miller.

The cameraman is described as a “democratic operative” by the Huffington Post, so it was clearly a political set-up.

But all Miller had to do was continue walking without answering the question if he believed he was being set up.

It would be great to see charges filed against Miller, but we know that will never happen, especially when you read his history of shady land transactions and using campaign money for personal use – not to mention lying about his military service – as well as alleged kickbacks of millions of dollars in government money to a non-profit run by one of his campaign contributors.

He has been investigated several times by several agencies, but nothing has ever been heard about the outcome of those investigations, so this is clearly a man who believes he can do whatever he wants, including shoving a pesky videographer asking for a simple statement about the government shutdown.