A Pennsylvania cop responding to a report of an accident refused to talk to the citizen unless his friend turned off the camera.

The citizen insisted on his friend recording, so Lancaster police officer Philip Bernot walked back to his car and drove off, refusing to take the report.

The citizen said he called the desk sergeant to complain, but was told it is a departmental policy not to be recorded.

A departmental policy has to be in writing, so will someone please call them and ask for a copy while recording the conversation?

If you live in a two-party consent state, which you can find out through this link, inform them that you’re recording and just start asking them questions.

The audio in the video is inaudible, but the citizen posted the following on Youtube, including the number to the Lancaster Police Department:

Lancaster PA, I woman hit my car and walked away laughing. I called the police. When they arrived the officer, Philip Bernot. Told me that it was illegal to film police and refused to speak to me on camera. All I wanted to do was file a report for my insurance. I called the desk sergeant who told me that it is the Lancaster PD’s policy not to allow their officers to be filmed. He then proceeded to hang up the phone on me when I told him to send an officer willing to due his job and not violate the law. This is a violation of Federal and Pennsylvania Law. Please call the Lancaster PA police department at (717) 735-3300 and ask them why their policy violates the 1st amendment.