The widening investigation into the motorcycle mob that chased down a man in a Range Rover and beat him senseless in front of his wife and daughter with one biker capturing it all on video and posting it online last month, expecting to receive sympathy, has so far led to the arrest of one NYPD undercover cop who was seen on the video pounding on the car before the man was pulled out.

Now an NYPD internal affairs officer named Matthew Rodriguez has come forward admitting he was among the mob, which is ironic considering internal affairs has spent nearly two weeks trying to determine which cops were involved in the attack.

It’s no telling what his excuse is going to be, but the undercover cop arrested, Wojciech Braszczok, claimed he had not intervened with the attack because he did not want to blow his cover as he had infiltrated the bikers for a criminal investigation, even though it took him three days to even admit he was there.

And that was before prosecutors spotted him on the video beating on the window the seconds before Alexian Lien was pulled out and beaten.

Now the cop who had infiltrated the Occupy Wall Street movement, spending weeks living among the protesters, encouraging them to break the law – including getting arrested himself by NYPD – is facing felony assault, gang assault and riot charges.

Braszczok, a married father of two, attended a hearing Wednesday where cameras were barred because his lawyer argued that his “safety would be jeopardized,” according to the Huffington Post.

News photos show him getting whisked into the courtroom with his face covered by a black hoodie.


However, the hacker group Anonymous discovered he has a very active social media presence as “evovillen,” including dating sites where he lists himself as single and posts shirtless photos of himself as well as a Photobucket site where he posts nude photos of women.

Below are two of five photos of him posted in the International Business Times. More information on him here.




Meanwhile, Rodriguez has not been charged, but has retained a lawyer and sources tell DNA Info that he could face disciplinary action for failing to come forward for nearly two weeks, including obstructing governmental administration and official misconduct.

Maybe the internal affairs detective will claim he did not want to blow his cover as he was investigating Braszczok.

DNA Info reports that as many as four other NYPD cops were riding with the mob when they surrounded Lien’s Range Rover with one of them brake checking him, forcing him to stop where they all surrounded him, which prompted him to floor the accelerator and run over several bikes as well as leave a biker with critical injuries.

One of the cops riding in the mob was Samir Gonsalves, who was recently arrested after allegedly fighting with officers who turned up to break up an alcohol-fueled domestic spat between him and his girlfriend, who works for the Queens District Attorney’s office.

One question that hasn’t been answered is whether or not other internal affairs officers knew of Rodriguez’s involvement from the onset and kept it to themselves.

According to an October 4th DNA Info article, they seemed to have a solid grasp on who was there:

Internal affairs has the names of two detectives, one sergeant and three police officers who were either on the highway when motorcyclists confronted Lien, who was driving with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, or witnessed the assault at West 178th Street, according to sources.

One of the detectives was arrested earlier in the year for assaulting his girlfriend, who is an assistant district attorney in Queens, according to sources.

Authorities are also looking into the actions of a group of city corrections officers who were also near the attack, the sources said.

The cops will likely face disciplinary measures because they did not immediately come forward and tell their supervisors they attended the rally, according to the sources.