A Port Hawkesbury, Novia Scotia man was out taking photos of some unusual activity a couple of blocks from his home when he was approached and briefly questioned  by a man identifying himself as being with the military police.

The photographer, who goes by swampfoot on his Youtube channel, politely answered the MP’s questions even though he was under no legal obligation to do so as Canadian law is not much different than American law in that regard.

A few minutes later, the photographer was approached by a much more aggressive individual named Adam (or Alan) who identifies himself as “running security for this training evolution”.

Mr. security proceeds to ask the photographer the typical intrusive questions we have become accustomed to hearing on PINAC, demanding to know why he was taking photos as if that was any of his business.

However the situation gets bizarre when Mr. Security begins to question the photographer’s patriotism because he dared take pictures of what was apparently a military training exercise.

The photographer had no idea he was taking photos of a “training evolution” until Mr. security’s loose lips revealed that information. So much for security and patriotism.

I think most of us here at PINAC would consider the photographer the truly patriotic one for politely yet assertively flexing his rights.

At one point Mr. Security threatens to call a Sgt. Shelby Miller of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police , an obvious attempt at intimidation. So on behalf of PINAC, I decided to call Sgt. Miller.

Listen to the interaction in the video above before listening to the interview with Sgt. Miller below.