Wisconsin activists did an impressive job of video recording an overly aggressive cop who grabbed a videographer and threw him backwards, sending him sprawling to the floor Monday.

The incident was captured on three cameras and compiled into a single video that lasts just over a minute.

The video and story below suggest that Wisconsin Capitol police officer Michael J. Syphard calls videographer Arthur Kohl-Riggs a “drama queen,” accusing him of having fallen on purpose, but I couldn’t pick that up in the video above, but maybe you guys can as some of it is indecipherable.

Notice how Kohl-Riggs, who has been written about on PINAC several times in the past, uses a monopod and camcorder instead of just a smartphone, which enabled him to maintain control of the camera the entire time.

According to the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative:

Wisconsin Capitol Police have been arresting people in the Capitol for singing their grievances against the Scott Walker Administration without a permit for the last two weeks.

Today during one of the multiple arrests, Officer Michael J. Syphard grabbed videographer Arthur Kohl-Riggs and threw him to the ground without any kind of warning or request to move.

Officer Syphard told Kohl-Riggs that he fell on purpose and to “cut it out.” Syphard also told him he was a drama queen, a label he also applied to 70 year old Vietnam veteran Will Williams who fell down a set of marble stairs while handcuffed in police custody last week.