A Texas police officer pulled over a man for running a stop sign, then decided to search the car after claiming he smelled marijuana.

The driver decided to pull out his phone and start recording.

It landed him in handcuffs.

The incident took place early this morning in Nacogdoches, a city in the middle of Texas that claims to be the “oldest town in Texas.”

The man who recorded the video is apparently named Eric Wesley. At least that’s the username he uses on Youtube, where he has only posted one video, which you can see above.

The cop claims he assaulted Wesley because he had shone a camera light in his face, which obviously is something they believe only they are entitled to do with their flashlights.

This is how he described the incident in the Youtube description:

Got pulled over for “running a stop sign” at 1a.m. on my way go taco bell. The officer that pulled me over said he smelled “weed” when my car door opened, called for back up and asked me to step out the car, patted me down and searched my car while I was about 15 feet away standing by the sgt. In the video you can hear me asking if I had permission to watch the search and got the response of “did I tell you that you couldn’t” so I stepped towards my car to watch and I was asked to come back to the sgt immediately…which I did, phone still recording..its 1 a.m. so my flash was on..the sgt accused me of putting the light in his eye and tried to knock my $650 phone out of my hand but didn’t and then tried to grab it and when I didnt let go he twisted my wrist and placed my arm behind my back andthe other officer came and twisted my other arm for no reason, I wasn’t resisting and placed me in some really tight handcuffs while he finished searching my car, which had no illegal drugs in it and he let me go..no ticket, no warning BUT his original reason for pullingmeme over cause I “ran a stop sign” smh…!

Click on hyperlink to send email to Police Chief Jim Sevey. Or call this number and ask for him. (936) 559-2607.