The same New York police department that made national news in 2011 when they arrested a woman for video recording a traffic stop from her front yard threatened to arrest another woman for video recording an arrest from a public sidewalk.

This time it was Rochester police officer Jerry Nobles, as identified by local activist Davy Vara, who stormed up to a woman holding a camera and her male companion, telling her, “tape all you want but you can leave or you’re going to jail.”

Nobles then appears to grab them as the video cuts out.

According to Vara, Nobles pushed the woman identified as Alyssa Shipe, tried to take her phone, then turned to her fiancé and handcuffed him.

But moments later, Nobles locked his keys inside his patrol car, a truly Keystone Cop moment that required him to call for an extra set of keys.

Meanwhile, the man he initially arrested, a Rochester firefighter identified as Sean, remained handcuffed in the backseat with the car running while Shipe’s fiancee, Kenny Dudek, remained handcuffed outside the car.

Once another officer brought the extra set of keys, Nobles released both the firefighter and the fiancé with no charges.

The incident took place Saturday night after Shipe dialed 911 to report a group of youths who were threatening to beat up neighbors over a prior incident in which police arrested a woman for fighting with a DJ at a block party.

But when police arrived, they didn’t do anything to investigate the youths, even though one of them reportedly brandished a gun, allowing them to walk away, which can be seen in the beginning of the video.

This inaction prompted several neighbors, including the firefighter named Sean, to criticize the cops, which is what led to his arrest and him exclaiming, “are you kidding me?” in the beginning of the video.

Needless to say, Shipe won’t be calling the cops for anything in the near future.

“I will never call the police for anything again”,  she told Vara.

Call Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard at (585) 428-7033.