Taylor Hardy

Taylor Hardy from a photo I pulled off his Facebook page.


Five months after his viral confrontation with a Miami-Dade paramedic who went berserk on him for attempting to video record the landing of a helicopter, Taylor Hardy had another confrontation over his right to record in public.

This time, a Miami-Dade Miami cop went berserk on him for photographing a commercial shoot on a public street where Miami Heat star Lebron James was supposed to appear.

And this time, it landed him in jail.

Hardy called me less than an hour ago from the Turner Guilford Knight Correction Center in Miami, which made international news last week when all the cell doors suddenly opened up in the maximum security wing, allowing a few inmates to step out and try to kill another inmate, who was forced to jump down from a second level in order not to be killed in an incident caught on surveillance video.

That incident has sparked an investigation into jail guards, who are suspected of purposely opening the doors to facilitate the hit job on the Liberty City gang leader who probably had it coming to him, judging by his background.

Fortunately, Hardy was only charged with two misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest aka contempt of cop, so he will be placed in another section of the jail. I’ve called my bails bondsman who is already working on getting him out (I also called Hardy’s brother to give him a heads up).

My bondsman, Harold Valdez, handles cases all over the United States and is a good guy, so I recommend everybody taking his information down just in case.

It was a quick call with lots of yelling in the background as is typical in Miami jails, so this is what I was able to gather.

Hardy was in the Allapattah neighborhood trying to photograph the filming of the commercial when a member of the production crew ordered him to stop taking photos.

Hardy said there were about 25 other people standing there watching the filming of the commercial who were not taking pictures, so he asserted his rights to stand there with the others who were not being harassed.

The production crew member then called over a nearby Miami-Dade Miami police sergeant, who at first appeared to shrug his shoulders, but then ordered Hardy to walk down the street, so we can assume he was working off-duty for the production company as a hired goon.

Hardy told the cop he had as much right to be there as the other people, which prompted the cop to grab his camera by the flash in an attempt to take it from him.

Hardy told the cop to let go of his camera. The cop told him that if he didn’t let go of his camera, he would go to jail.

“‘If you say one more fucking word, I’m going to throw your head on the ground and beat the fuck out of you,'” Taylor quoted the cop as saying.