A Drug Enforcement Administration agent tried to snatch a man’s camera from his hand after warning him that he was “liable to get shot” if he continued hanging around with his camera.

The DEA agent then tried to play it off as if he was only watching out for Virgil Văduva’s safety early this afternoon in Jefforsonville.

But the video shows he was really trying to keep Văduva from taking a photo.

Văduva said he was driving through a neighborhood when he spotted a bunch of  armed SWAT-looking cops walking out of a house, so he pulled over to start recording with his phone.

But even before he was able to turn his camera on, a man wearing a DEA cap ordered him to leave, telling him he was liable to be shot.

Văduva then turned on his camera and asked for the agent’s name, which as you can see in the video above, prompted the agent to try and grab the phone.

Văduva was using the Qik application, so even if the agent had snatched the phone, the video still would have survived on a server.

“Why did you take my picture when I’m trying to protect you?” the DEA agent demanded to know.

The agent then went on to say that there were people inside the home with guns that wanted to hurt him.

But if that was the case, he would have been watching out for his own safety instead of attacking Văduva over his camera.

“They were standing around chatting and laughing before I got there,” Văduva said on Facebook. “There were no people with guns there wanting to hurt anyone…except himself and his gang.”

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