A San Jose cop ordered a man to stop recording a security checkpoint at the city’s airport, seizing the man’s boarding pass before he was informed that the man was doing nothing illegal.

Patrick Gocek told officer S. Farias his purpose was to ensure Transportation Security Administration screeners were complying with their own policy, which they were.

Unfortunately, Farias wasn’t complying with the law when he ordered Gocek to hand over his boarding pass and identification, even though Gocek had already provided both to TSA screeners, which was why he was even in the passenger area in the first place.

Gocek handed over his boarding pass, but refused to turn off his camera, even though Farias had ordered him to do so, which enabled him to upload the video in February.

Farias walked over to a telephone with Gocek’s boarding pass and called his supervisor, who thankfully informed him that no crime was being committed.

“I talked to my supervisor and he said you’re ok to do that,” Farias said, handing back Gocek’s boarding pass. “I don’t know if TSA has rules against it.”

“The TSA website explicitly states that I have the right to do so,” Gocek responded.

And he is right as you can read for yourself.

San Jose cop Farias