Taylor Hardy, whose escapade with a raging Miami-Dade paramedic went viral in March, was told by a pair of Miami police officers that  he was not allowed to shoot video or take photos of a traffic fatality investigation earlier today.

Knowing they would not hesitate to arrest him, he stopped recording and moved across the street to continue recording.

“I know i was well within my rights but, being in fear of being arrested and knowing that a man lost his life, I walked Miami Copaway,” Hardy explained in a Facebook message.

Plus, he is scheduled to drive to Jacksonville in the morning, so a night in jail would have ruined those plans.

Hardy said the five-car accident left one man dead and several others injured. The body was already beneath a tarp.

The officer who yelled at him was named Robinson.

Despite what she or the detective said, there is no law against video recording a deceased accident victim from a public street. Many people might find it disrespectful but doesn’t make it less journalistic.

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