A California cop who made national headlines last year when he arrested a man for video recording him in public, throwing the man in jail for four days, once again abused his authority by harassing another photographer.

But this time, we can see that not all the officers from the Hawthorne Police Department have an issue being video recorded.

And we can also see that not even a pending lawsuit has prompted Sgt.  Gabriel Lira to change his unlawful ways. The latest video was posted earlier today by a man who goes by Katoosha2006 on Youtube. It was recorded on Friday.

Gabriel Lira


He was standing on a sidewalk near where several cop cars had congregated and was told by Lira he had to move further away, even though it was clear that area of the sidewalk was not cordoned off.

However, moments earlier, another cop had walked up to him and asked a few questions, but never once told him he did not have the right to stand there recording.

I sent the video to Daniel Saulmon, the man who spent four days in jail last year after video recording Lira making a traffic stop, and he confirmed it was the same man.

Saulmon is suing the Hawthorne Police Department over that arrest, which can be seen in the video below. He has posted several videos where he talks about his lawsuit.