Two years ago, the Rochester Police Department made national news when officer Mario Masic arrested a woman for video recording a traffic stop from her front yard.

But despite the fallout from that incident, including assurances from the police chief that his officers would be trained to respect the rights of citizens, another officer threatened to arrest a man for video recording a traffic investigation from his front yard.

The video is dark and grainy but numerous voices can be heard, indicating that several citizens had stepped out of their homes to see the crash that had taken place.

But an unidentified cop focuses on the man with the camera, who hadn’t said anything until the cop orders him back inside his home.

The citizen asserts his right to record in a calm, professional manner, which makes the come act even threatening and unprofessional, shoving the man inside his home and closing the door, telling him, “if you come out here again, I am arresting you.”

The man, not wanting to risk arrest as Emily Good did two years ago, remains inside his home.

The incident took place in early March but came to light over the weekend when Rochester activist Davy Vara posted it on his blog, Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed. The interaction begins at 2:05 in the video.

Vara previously maintained a Facebook page where he shed a light on the Rochester Police Department but that was shut down after the police department complained to Facebook.

To voice your displeasure, call Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards at (585) 428-7045 and Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard at (585) 428-7033.

And let’s see who can identify this bully.

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