It is not often that police officers commenting on Police One agree with readers commenting on PINAC.

But sometimes an officer’s behavior is so out of line, that they are left with no choice.

At least the officers who take a little pride in abiding by the Constitution.

Gresham police officer Taylor Letsis doesn’t abide by the Constitution


While it’s refreshing to see officers defend citizen journalist Carrie Miranda over Gresham police officer Taylor Letsis in the video in which he snatched her phone out of her hand and then proceeded to view its contents, it makes it even more disappointing that a member of the media defended the unlawful actions.



I already explained how KATU’s Dan Tilkin embarrassed the profession of journalism with his police pandering piece on the incident, so I won’t get into that here.

But now I’m thinking we should demand the station run a correction on its piece considering it was completely false. Here is an email address to the station’s general manager.

Tilkin, who calls himself an investigative reporter who is “on your side,” didn’t go any further than the Gresham public information flack to decide police had the right to confiscate your phone as evidence without due process.

And Gresham Police Lt. Claudio Grandjean is an elder at the Good Shepherd Community Church, so he wouldn’t lie, would he?

He would if it’s part of his job description, which any reporter knows, is what a public information officer gets paid to do. Remember Nancy Perez?

But Grandjean appears to be a media sweetheart, so the reporters have probably decided that they needn’t go any further than him to report on a story.

But this time they got burned judging by all the comments people, including many PINAC readers, have left on their Facebook page and on the actual story.

And check out some of the Police One comments below. All is not lost.