So far, three cops have been charged in the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless mentally ill man whose death sparked an outrage in the normally sleepy community of Fullerton last year and a nationwide outrage once the surveillance video of his murder was released earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the other three cops who were involved in the beating are doing all they can to keep from being charged.

But there is one cop that has yet to be exposed and her hands are just as dirty as the rest of them.

We don’t know her name but we do know she confronted a photographer who had been taking pictures of the grisly scene after the beating and ripped the film out of her camera.

I had heard a story last year immediately after the beating about a cop doing this but I didn’t hear anything come of it and I just figured it was a male cop.

Then I heard it again in October when I was visiting Fullerton for a workshop and listened to Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, speak in front of a group of journalists, but again, no gender was placed on the cop.

But later that night, I spoke to a homeless man whom I had met in the same bus depot where Thomas was murdered.

Curtis, who knew Thomas, not only confirmed the same story, but said it was a female cop who ripped the film out of the camera.

It’s not surprising her name has not been exposed considering she arrived afterwards and was not caught in the initial confrontation. Especially considering the cover-up stemmed from the top down.

But if anybody knows her name, please pass it along because she not only deserves to be exposed, she deserves to be criminally charged for destruction of evidence as well as some degree of conspiracy.


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