This will probably be my last post on Pixiq. I say probably because if a big story breaks before midnight Sunday, there is a good chance I will post it here.

Otherwise, all future articles will appear on my site that can be accessed through and

Those links are currently redirecting to Pixiq, but that will stop as of midnight tonight.

The content I wrote for Pixiq can still be viewed by accessing Pixiq, but it will also be migrated to my site.

I’m hoping to have the new site up by Monday, but that might be wishful thinking considering these moves never happen smoothly, so maybe Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am opening up PINAC to new writers and already have a few writers working on pieces now.

At this point, there will be no pay for writers but you will be published in a nationally renowned blog that is only going to get more popular.

However, I am going to be picky about the writing. I’m looking for journalistic writing with a flair for details and a dash of sarcasm. Nothing too wordy yet nothing too vague.