The Democratic National Convention is getting off to a rousing start with at least five times the number of people arrested so far than were arrested during the entire Republican National Convention, including the near arrest of two journalists on Sunday.

The journalists were detained after outing a group of undercover cops in a protest, according to

Two journalists covering the Democratic National Convention were confronted on Sunday by two undercover agents who assaulted one and threatened to punch the other in the mouth for photographing them.

The two journalists, Kevin Gosztola of and Steve Horn, a Truthout contributor credentialed to cover the DNC for WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin, took notice of four burly middle-aged white males during a public march. The four were taking photos of the undocumented immigrant contingent in the march. They were carrying “No Papers, No Fear” blue flags and had put stickers from Code Pink on their person to make it seem like they were protesters in the demonstration. One man in an orange shirt had a black piece in one of his ears.

Horn and Gosztola followed one of the men when they left the demonstration. At the corner of North Church Street and West Fifth Street, the man in the orange shirt claimed he was a protester and did not like having his picture taken. He threatened to punch Gosztola “in the teeth.” He belligerently commanded the two journalists to cross the street. The agent in the orange shirt then grabbed Horn and pulled him to the corner where Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pubs is located.

The orange shirt called for uniformed police officers to stop the two journalists in front of the restaurant. One of the agents chased down Gosztola, who tried to walk away. Then, on Fifth Street, a uniformed police officer ran after Gosztola, who turned when he saw the officer. He was stopped and searched.

The report goes on to say that “Gosztola deleted his photos in front of the officer in order to avoid arrest or confiscation of the device.”


For the umpteenth time, police have no legal right to order you to delete your footage or confiscate your camera. That was confirmed this year by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Journalists need to make a stand in these incidents even if they face the risk of arrest.

Although it can be downright scary to do so, it is even scarier to allow them to walk all over your legal rights.

Jacob Crawford of Indybay snapped the above photo of me in front of the Republican National Convention in Tampa before spotting a man and a women he remembered from a labor march a couple of days earlier, but who were now hanging out with Secret Service agents.




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I am immersed in a legal case where I not only want to clear my criminal charges stemming from my arrest in January, but I want to sue the Miami-Dade Police Department for deleting my footage, which I was able to recover.

My goal is to set some type of precedent to ensure this does not happen as often as it does today where cops simply get away with it.

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