All Emilia White wanted to do was record a video of a school board meeting without it being obstructed by the back of people’s heads.

But East Ramapo School Board President Daniel Schwartz insisted she move to the back of the room based on some arbitrary policy he created last month after he was elected.

White refused to move, claiming that she was being persecuted because she was black, a la Rosa Parks who was forced to the back of the bus.

It is not clear from the video that she was picked on because of her skin color considering Schwartz was insisting everybody video record from his self-imposed “designated area,” including the white guy who recorded the above video.

But it is pretty clear Schwartz is a pompous ass who wasted no time in allowing the power to go to his head after taking the helm in July, insisting that White was interfering with the meeting when, in fact, it was running smoothly until he called it to a halt.

Judging by comments from the audience members in the video, Schwartz is the first school board president to instill such a policy.

White did a great job on refusing to move to the back of the room, even daring an officer to arrest her.

Even though Schwartz instigated the incident, he ultimately declined to sign a complaint against her, which would have landed her in jail, showing he is not as stupid as he is arrogant because that would surely have ended up on an already existing lawsuit White has against the school board.

The entire debacle lasted almost an hour, but fortunately was edited down to almost 12 minutes in the above video and comes complete with the back of some guy’s turban, showing us what White was trying to avoid by moving to the side where she was bothering nobody except Schwartz.

The meeting took place Tuesday in Spring Valley, New York, which is just north of New York City. After the debacle, the board went into executive session for an hour, probably hoping White would just go away.

She not only stayed at the meeting, she maintained her spot from the side of the room when the board adjourned where she continued video recording without any further issues from Schwartz.

Round one went to White. Round two might be decided in the pending lawsuit.

According to The Journal News:

Schwartz threatened to adjourn the meeting altogether if White didn’t comply.

White and her husband, Steve White, who have a son who graduated from East Ramapo in June, have been active in protesting many school board decisions.

The couple are among almost 200 other parent plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit filed Aug. 8 that accuses Schwartz and several other school board members, in addition to top school officials and the district’s attorney, of violating education law and students’ constitutional rights in schemes to divert millions of public dollars to support private religious schools since 2008. The suit claims these actions have effectively deprived East Ramapo public school students of a fair education.

The lawsuit is backed by public interest law firm Advocates for Justice.

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