At first, Maui police didn’t seem to mind getting video recorded by Kevin Johnson.

One cop even waves at the camera, even after Johnson describes them as “commando-style units.”

Johnson can even be heard saying that “they seem to be fairly nice.”

But all pleasantries were dropped when they arrested him for disorderly conduct, even after he had followed their orders to move from a private parking lot to the public sidewalk.

After all, they said, his “actions are alarming the public.”

The incident took place in early June. Charges have since been dropped. Now Johnson is preparing to sue the Maui Police Department for $18 million, according to a message he sent to Cop Block.

While it was clearly an unlawful arrest and solid grounds for a lawsuit, I don’t see him raking in anything near $18 million.

But it’s worth a try.

Johnson posted three short videos of his encounter. The arrest takes place in the third video, which I posted at the top.

The first two videos are below.

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