A Zuccotti Park security guard assaulted a videographer, knocking his camera to the ground, after he was captured on video playing a game of solitaire on his laptop computer.

Prior to the incident, there really didn’t seem to be a whole lot going on in the New York City park, so it’s understandable and acceptable if the guard was playing on his computer.

But it’s never acceptable to assault a videographer simply because you didn’t appreciate being recorded in public.

Zuccotti Park security guards have been stationed at the park throughout the day and night after the park was cleared from Occupy Wall Street activists last year.

The incident begins at 5:20 in the above video.

The security guards called police who then started berating the videographer for having stood on a table or chair.

The cops didn’t seem to have an issue with the actual assault as you can see in the video below.

According to Gothamist:

The employee can be seen playing what appears to be a computer game at around the 5:20 mark, until he realizes he is being filmed and closes the window. At around 5:45, the Brookfield employees approach the livestreamer, Recai Iskender, and ask him to refrain from standing on the park’s chair. A younger security employee orders Iskender to stop filming him, and (wrongly) questions its legality before the older employee appears to smack the camera out of Iskender’s hand. The younger security employee’s voice can be heard saying, “How bout that? Get it out of here. Get it out of here.”

The employees apparently called the police, and several NYPD officers show up. At the same time, several people who had apparently been watching the livestream also arrive. One of the officers tell the livestreamer and the bystanders, “The bottom line is he told us he wanted us to come over here and tell you that you guys can’t be standing on the tables and chairs.”


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