A pair of Auburn, Wa. police officers making an arrest pretty much had the situation under control.

Their suspect was handcuffed and it was just a matter of rolling him over and standing him up.

One police officer even greeted bystanders witnessing the arrest by saying, “hey, how are you doing?”

But the witnesses started moving closer which prompted the second cop to order them away, accusing them of “impeding our investigation.”

Their investigation was so impeded that both cops left the handcuffed suspect unattended to deal with the bystanders.

Meanwhile, another witness moved away from the interaction to continue recording with his phone.

The video shows one of the officers grabbing one of the bystanders, who appeared to be a puny teenage boy, and handcuffing him.

This naturally drew protests from the remaining bystanders as well as the videographer, which riled the cops up even more.

At 1:00, it starts getting ugly with one cop walking towards a bystander who is walking backwards.

The cop is saying, “If I put my hands on you, you’re going to jail, motherfucker.”

And while he is saying that, the second cop walks up to him and grabs him in a chokehold, knocking him to the ground and handcuffing him.

By this time, the first guy they had handcuffed, who had been sitting on the ground, had stood up, which prompts one of the cops to start wrestling with him.

But that cop has great difficulty in bringing that suspect back down again, grabbing him by the hair but not really controlling him.

And his partner can’t help him because he is busy arresting the other guy for doing nothing more than watching the first arrest and protesting the second arrest.

Throughout it all, the videographer continues running his mouth, which prompts one of the cops to come after him.

The cop pounces on him and the last words he we hear him way is “take my phone” to a young lady standing nearby.

So apparently the phone never made it into police custody, which is why we’re able to watch it now.

It is unclear when the incident took place but it was uploaded to Youtube.

If there is any advice I can give people out there in these situations is, number one, hold the damn phone horizontally.

And number two, keep your criticisms of police to yourself as much as you can while you are recording because it overpowers all audio considering you’re standing right next to the microphone

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